[GRASS-dev] GIScRG & QMRG - Call for Contribution to GIS / statistical open source software

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Wed Jan 25 06:31:44 PST 2017

All, I'm forwarding the following this general call relevant also to GRASS
GIS contributors current and new. Deadline Feb 17.




GIScRG & QMRG - Call for Contribution to GIS / statistical open source
The GIScRG (Geographic Information Science Research Group of the RGS) and
QMRG (Quantitative Methods Research Group) are looking to use some of their
fund to support a contribution to some GIS / statistical open source
software. We have £500 to offer as a grant (or series of grants) to one or
more projects that will contribute to a piece of open source GIS /
statistical software.

The definition is intentionally vague because we are interpreting
'contribution' to including a range of potential options, including:
- development of a new package / library that offer an additional
geospatial feature to a program that did not exist before
- continued development of an existing code / library that adds a new
significant feature to an existing library
- a set of 'how to use x' documentation, that adds something to resources
that are already available

Any proposal must be make open source (as appropriate for the relevant
program) and should be documented appropriately.

We are asking people to submit proposals, with details including cost, to
http://bit.ly/2j9Igjt. The GIScRG and QMRG committees will then select one
(or more) proposals to fund.

Successful applications will also be offered the opportunity to run a
workshop on their work at a suitable conference (e.g. GISRUK or
Geocomputation) in return for a waived registration fee.

Issue call for applications: 20th Jan
Deadline for applications: 10th Feb
Announce winner(s): 17th Feb

If you have questions, please contact nick at clearmapping co uk /
n.bearman at liverpool ac uk.
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