[GRASS-dev] i.ortho.photo/lib/ref_points.c and making a REF_POINTS file

Yann dr.yann.chemin at gmail.com
Mon May 8 13:12:10 PDT 2017


Looking for some lore from i.ortho.photo days in GRASS 6 and before...

Within i.image.2target, i.ortho.transform requires a REF_POINTS (image 
E, image N, photo X, photo Y) file as part of its RMS error computation, 
before using a CONTROL_POINTS (photo X, photo Y, photo Z, control X, 
control Y, control Z) file made by i.image.2target interactive GCP 
creation module.

the i.photo.2image module, to my understanding is from (photo X, photo 
Y) to (image X, image Y), i.e. we keep in the non-map units, we only 
find the proper coordinates of the camera within the camera absolute 
dimensions (i.e. mm or other). So I do not believe it is related to 
generating a REF_POINTS file.

anybody who extensively used these modules before?



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