[GRASS-dev] Having trouble building GRASS from source and asking for help

Paul Schrum paul.schrum at gmail.com
Mon May 15 13:14:12 PDT 2017

I am attempting to build GRASS on my machine and I suppose I am having
trouble.  I am so bewildered by all of this I can't actually be sure.  I am
posting to request help.  Here is my situation:

I am new to GRASS development, and I am working on GSoC on integrating PDAL
interoperability.   I have not yet set up my project's wiki page or I would
link it in this sentence.

I am running OSGeo-live on Oracle Virtual Box with my base OS being Windows

My mentor, Vashek Petras, directed me to start here:
and work through the build procedure.  On that page, I got down as far
as "simple
configure, compile and install" and ran that once.  I don't remember what
it told me, but I figured it was okay since I could always do it again, so
I executed the next line (under the "or"):

./configure && make -j2  &&  sudo checkinstall

When I do this, I get the message
Building Debian package... FAILED!

so I am thinking this is bad and I should get this to succeed before moving
on to other steps.  Here is more information:  When I try to run it again,
I get a screen of Warnings:

checkinstall 1.6.2, Copyright 2009 Felipe Eduardo Sanchez Diaz Duran
           This software is released under the GNU GPL.

**** Debian package creation selected ***

*** Warning: The package name "%PACKAGE_NAME" contains upper case
*** Warning: letters. dpkg might not like that so I changed
*** Warning: them to lower case.

*** Warning: The package name "%package_name" does not start with
*** Warning: an alphanumetic character. dpkg might not like that so I
*** Warning: it with a number 0.

*** Warning: The package name "0%package_name" contains illegal
*** Warning: characters. dpkg might not like that so I changed
*** Warning: them to dashes.

*** Warning: The package version "%PACKAGE_VERSION" is not a
*** Warning: debian policy compliant one. Please specify an alternate one

I let it continue to run, but eventually it offers to show me the log,
which appears here:

dpkg-deb: error: parsing file '/var/tmp/tmp.J1ZMR3Tl3Q/package/DEBIAN/control'
near line 11 package '0-package-name':
 empty value for version
/var/tmp/tmp.J1ZMR3Tl3Q/dpkgbuild.log (END)

Is this enough information for someone to help me?

- Paul Schrum
Raleigh, NC, US
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