[GRASS-dev] granularity function

Luca Delucchi lucadeluge at gmail.com
Wed May 17 01:51:48 PDT 2017

On 17 May 2017 at 10:08, Sören Gebbert <soerengebbert at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi Luca,

Hi Soeren,

> 2017-05-17 9:36 GMT+02:00 Luca Delucchi <lucadeluge at gmail.com>:
>> Hi devs, Soeren
>> I'm looking for a function that return the number of minutes, days,
>> months, years according the granularity, for example "2 months" should
>> return 60 days and "1 years" could return 12 months or 365 days.
>> does it exist a function like that or could I add it to
>> lib/python/temporal/temporal_granularity.py ?
> I am not sure if i understand your approach correctly.
> IMHO you would like to return the calendar hierarchy of a specific granularity?
> For example, if the granularity of a STDS is calculated to be 2 month,
> you would like to return 60 days?
> This may not be possible, since the number of days in a month vary for
> each month,
> as well as the number of days in a year. Hence the result of a
> granularity computation
> can not be splittet to a smaller calendar hierarchy, since the term
> month and year is abstract and not related to a specific year (leap or
> not) or a specific month (28 - 31 day range).
> Does this answer your question?

yes and no :-)

you are right that the term month and year is abstract, but we have
mean values (30 for month and 365 for year) that are commonly

Often colleagues required the mean temperature value for the six
months before an event, so how to calculate this?

> Ciao
> Sören



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