[GRASS-dev] Need help in writing a program in Grass GIS

CM Reddy chalamcharla at hotmail.com
Sun May 21 11:03:08 PDT 2017

Hi All,
I am new to GIS and GRASS also. We would like to use the GRASS source and implement the following features.

  1.  Import a shape file.
  2.  Select a start location and end location in the map. Connect start and end locations with some intermediate points. Each point or location should uniquely identified with lat and long.
  3.  Associate predefined properties for each identified point.
  4.  Store the each location and it's properties in a data base.

We would like to implement the above feature as additional menu in the existing toolbar. We would like to implement required dialog boxes or UI panel to display lat and long assocaited with identified locations. GUI should has the provision to enter properties for each location. Finally, we need to store them in DB after clicking a SAVE button.

I request your help in building the above application. I have already downloaded and compiled the GRASS 7.2 on ubuntu successfully.

  1.  How to extend the current GRASS application ?
  2.  How to build the supporting the GUI ?
  3.  Can I write a python script to build the above application ?
  4.  What are the modules to be written ?

- Thanks


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