[GRASS-dev] Need help in writing a program in Grass GIS

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Tue May 23 07:39:56 PDT 2017

Hi CM,
You can use:



El 23/5/2017 11:12 a. m., "Luca Delucchi" <lucadeluge en gmail.com> escribió:

On 21 May 2017 at 20:03, CM Reddy <chalamcharla en hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,


> I am new to GIS and GRASS also. We would like to use the GRASS source and
> implement the following features.
> Import a shape file.
> Select a start location and end location in the map. Connect start and end
> locations with some intermediate points. Each point or location should
> uniquely identified with lat and long.
> Associate predefined properties for each identified point.
> Store the each location and it's properties in a data base.
> We would like to implement the above feature as additional menu in the
> existing toolbar. We would like to implement required dialog boxes or UI
> panel to display lat and long assocaited with identified locations. GUI
> should has the provision to enter properties for each location. Finally,
> need to store them in DB after clicking a SAVE button.
> I request your help in building the above application. I have already
> downloaded and compiled the GRASS 7.2 on ubuntu successfully.
> How to extend the current GRASS application ?

GRASS is composed by singular modules, so it is quiet simple to extent

> How to build the supporting the GUI ?


> Can I write a python script to build the above application ?


> What are the modules to be written ?

probably none, I think all modules you need are already in GRASS

> - Thanks
> CM


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