[GRASS-dev] Behavior of v.sort.points

Steven Pawley dr.stevenpawley at gmail.com
Fri May 26 20:33:56 PDT 2017

Hello devs,

I appear to be having some problems with the add on v.sort.points. Two
issues, potentially bugs:

(1) the module fails if the 'cat' column is not the first attribute in the
table (i.e. if points have been generated from a database table), returning
the error:

'Error in sqlite3_prepare(): duplicate column name: cat'

(2) even if 'cat' is the first column, sorting by an integer column does
not appear to be sorting point datasets in numeric order. Example from the
nc_spm location:

v.sort.points input=firestations at PERMANENT output=firestations_sorted

The order of the points based on opening the attribute table, and the
relationship between the 'ID' column and 'cat' appears to be the same as
the original dataset, where 'ID' was not in ascending order.

Either I'm doing something wrong or the add on requires some tweaks.
Otherwise this would be a useful tool.

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