[GRASS-dev] problem with reading KML

Anna Petrášová kratochanna at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 07:04:25 PST 2018


I ran into a weird problem with KML with 3D line, v.import failed when
reprojecting it:

WARNING: pj_transform() failed: latitude or longitude exceeded limits

This happened with GRASS 7.4.0 64bit (GDAL 2.2.3) on Windows 10, on my
Ubuntu with latest GRASS it works (GDAL 2.2.1). Weird thing is that I
installed the same version of GRASS on Windows 10 virtual machine and
there it worked without problems.

this is the output of ogrinfo - apparently it is confused with the
geometry and misinterprets the coordinates:

C:\Users\akratoc\Downloads>ogrinfo -al -so Vincent_Sarah_Flight1.kml
INFO: Open of `Vincent_Sarah_Flight1.kml'
      using driver `LIBKML' successful.

Layer name: Flight 1
Geometry: Unknown (any)
Feature Count: 1
Extent: (-78.692375, 0.000000) - (201.124211, 121.723811)
Layer SRS WKT:

The KML  itself looks good to me, I attached a smaller version of it.
Anyone has experience with 3D KML? Maybe some GDAL trick is needed?

Thank you,

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