[GRASS-dev] Regarding GSOC Project Idea

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Wed Feb 7 05:08:11 PST 2018

Hi Supreet,

Welcome to the GRASS community !

I notice that no one answered your mail up to now. Sorry for that.

On 31/01/18 14:20, sharry gill wrote:
> Hello,
> I am Supreet, planning to participate in Google Summer Of Code with 
> OSGeo. I am having an idea about a GSOC project for GRASS GIS:  The 
> project is to create an automatic module test writer in Python, in which:
> 1) First, there is an option of entering the name of module
> 2) After that, there will some options regarding which test the user 
> wants to write. (for eg: assertMinMax, RasterFitsUnivar etc)
> 3)Then there will be options for selecting flags and maps.
> 4)Then the user will click "create the test" then a python file will be 
> provided to the user which contains the test.
> If any more detail is required please let me know.

This sounds very interesting and would hopefully allow more people to 
add tests. So, please keep thinking in this direction. Maybe if you 
could flesh out your idea to give some more detail it would be easier to 
get feedback.

Best wishes,

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