[GRASS-dev] [GRASS GIS] #789: g.region option to expand the computational region of about "some" pixels?

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Tue Feb 27 11:22:03 PST 2018

#789: g.region option to expand the computational region of about "some" pixels?
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Comment (by wenzeslaus):

 Should this be `g.region pixels=` or  `cells=` or something else?

 Pixel is not really used in GRASS overall, see search in the HTML doc

 $ cd dist.../docs/html
 $ grep -Irn cell | wc
    1360   16896  162701
 $ grep -Irn cells | wc
     654    8520   79660
 $ grep -Irn pixel | wc
     200    3035   32650
 $ grep -Irn pixels | wc
     108    1169    9922
 $ grep -Irn cell | grep -E "^i\." | wc
      35     400    3083
 $ grep -Irn pixel | grep -E "^i\." | wc
     103    1115   11107
 # (the singular search contains plural too)

 Cell(s) seems to be much more common than pixel(s). And half of the pixel
 matches seems to be in imagery modules (which is not the case for cell).
 g.region manual page (G7:g.region) does not contain the word pixel and
 neither does the raster intro page (G7:rasterintro). (In case of the intro
 it should, but that's another story.)

 Based on that it seems that `cells` should be used instead of `pixels` but
 `cells` is in the g.region output telling us the total number of cell, so
 perhaps that would be confusing and not enough descriptive. (Is it total
 cells/pixels or something your are adding or removing?) Looking at the
 keywords here, expand, extend, enlarge, increase, add, make_larger,
 broaden, plus, and grow seems possible. My suggestion is:

     Number of cells to enlarge the bounding box

 This does not account for the opposite case when a negative number is
 provided (from the code I assume it works) but that can be implicit or
 handled by a detailed description (using label and description).

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