[GRASS-dev] v.rast.stats with multiple input

Stefan Blumentrath Stefan.Blumentrath at nina.no
Mon Jan 8 08:38:25 PST 2018

Dear GRASS-devs,

I would like to extract statistics for vector geometries from a couple of maps derived from the same terrain model.
Unfortunately, v.rast.stats has two limitations for my use-case:

1)      the rasterization has a significant overhead when called several times

2)      only one percentile column can be produced (while I would like to get both 10 and 90% percentiles)

In order make v.rast.stats more efficient for use cases like mine, I would like to propose the following changes I could imagine:

1)      add an optional input option for a raster map representing the category values of the vector map

2)      make column_prefix and raster option multiple

3)      add additional columns for additional percentiles

Since v.rast.stats is a Python script I could try to come up with a solution, if you generally agree that the proposed changes make sense and are not problematic...
What do you think?

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