[GRASS-dev] new GRASS virtual raster in trunk

Markus Metz markus.metz.giswork at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 05:37:41 PDT 2018

A new GRASS virtual raster format has been added to trunk in r72761-4,
together with a new module to build a GRASS VRT: r.buildvrt.

*r.buildvrt* builds a virtual raster (VRT) that is a mosaic of the list of
input raster maps. The purpose of such a VRT is to provide fast access to
small subsets of the VRT, also with multiple simultaneous read requests.

*r.buildvrt* creates a list of raster maps that can be located in different
mapsets. The ouput is a read-only link to the original raster maps which is
only valid if the original raster maps remain in the originally indicated
mapset. A VRT can also be built from raster maps registered with

Reading the whole VRT is slower than reading the equivalent single raster
map. Only reading small parts of the VRT provides a performance benefit.
Please test!

Markus M
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