[GRASS-dev] New CLI GSoC Idea: Comments, Mentors, Students Needed

Vaclav Petras wenzeslaus at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 19:33:37 PST 2018

Dear list,

I just compiled a another idea for this year GSoC:


All: You may remember this idea from 2015. Since then I implemented --exec
which, I think, is successful since I can see it used in different posts
online. However, I also think that --exec is far from an ideal interface. I
seek comments for the ideas and newly proposed CLI and potential Python API
design which is presented at the wiki.

Mentors: I'm seeking an additional mentor for this idea. I put myself as
first, but you can be first or second mentor as you wish.

Students: This email applies to all potential GSoC students, but I'm
including those of you who posted on the mailing list so far to CC just to
let you know that you can apply for more than one idea which is more than
appropriate when there is more than one student interested in the same
idea. Please find details about this idea at the wiki.

Thank you and please let me if you have any questions or comments,
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