[GRASS-dev] GSoC Week 1 Report - Full support of Python 3 in GRASS GIS

Sanjeet edu.sanjeet at gmail.com
Sun May 20 15:19:47 PDT 2018

Hi everyone,

This is my Week 1 report for my GSoC Project.

1) What did I complete this week?

    Updated the script for redundant lines in the patch submitted for utils.py
    Tested the patches on Python versions 2.7.x, 3.5.x and 3.6.x
    Read and understood the main differences about Strings, Unicode
strings and Byte strings in Python 2 and 3 versions. Wrote some brief
differences for quick
    Read python's package futurize's documentation for Py2 to Py3 conversion
    Updated source code in python lib files (uncommitted, still testing)

2) What am I going to achieve for next week?

    Finish porting 'script' library to support Python3
    Test the changes for both the versions
    Implement any tests required for testing

3) Is there any blocking issue?
    Not at the moment.

Sanjeet Bhatti

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