[GRASS-dev] g.extension problem with old GRASS version

Luca Delucchi lucadeluge at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 03:21:35 PDT 2018

Hi devs,

A colleague of mine has an old GRASS 7.2.1 version and he tried to use
g.extension and he got this error

Downloading precompiled GRASS Addons <r.fill.gaps>...
Downloading source code for <r.fill.gaps> from
which is identified as 'remote_zip' type of source...
ERROR: Extension <r.fill.gaps> not found

the problem is related to the missing folder
http://wingrass.fsv.cvut.cz/grass72/x86_64/addons/grass-7.2.1/ only
7.2.2 and 7.2.3 versions

I would like to know how this repository is managed...




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