[GRASS-dev] Access to GRASS GIS addons

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Fri Oct 12 04:02:34 PDT 2018

* Stefan Blumentrath <Stefan.Blumentrath at nina.no> [2018-10-12 09:00:07 +0000]:

>Dear Nikos and others,
>First of all, we have to clarify if you: a) want a solution that does
>not require a GRASS database (meaning a Processing like approach) or b)
>if an existing GRASS database is acceptable as a requirement to run
>your addon
>If the answer is a), the Situation (in QGIS 3) regarding GRASS
>integration in QGIS is indeed far from ideal.  In order to change that,
>a bigger effort seems necessary (as envisioned in the GSoC).
>As a workaround for a) you could write a Processing Python script as a
>wrapper that uses the grass --exec functionality with a temporary GRASS
>DB and: 1) installs the addon if it does not exist 2) takes QGIS layers
>(and additional parameters) as input, imports the layers to the
>temporary GRASS DB, runs your addon and exports the results
>The QGIS-GRASS-plugin seems to work also in QGIS 3. It is fully
>possible to get addons into the GRASS-plugin. Yet, same as for
>processing, you have to manipulate the installation (which probably not
>all users would be allowed and able to do).
>In any case, with current solutions you will have to recreate the UI in


what I seek for is easier than a).

- GRASS GIS has to be installed
- GRASS GIS data base will be the one to work with
- QGIS 2.18, which it LTR, is the preferred version

I think the "Processing" approach is a good one since it requires
minimal scripting/translation and copying of some files in the right

Else, the PyQTGUI approach might also be good despite the fact that we
have to find a way to ship it together with an add-on. It will work with
a script to execute that creates the required soft-link(s) and some
clicks to activate it as an independent "Experimental" addon.


there is this weird situation now where I cannot install the add-on module I
wrote under Windows using `g.extension`.  The module is not published in
the official repository (and I have to get a permission before I do so).
The current framework does not support compiling from source.

So, it's difficulty to proceed in testing anything.

How do we compile and package a single GRASS GIS Addon binary to proceed
with testing under Windows?

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