[GRASS-dev] Random selection of a given number of points/pixels per class

Stefan Blumentrath Stefan.Blumentrath at nina.no
Fri Aug 30 00:59:09 PDT 2019

Dear devs,

Recently, I was trying to generate a fixed number of random points per class in a vector or raster map.

So I looked at both v.random and r.random. However, neither seemed to give me the desired result:
v.random with restrict option seems to generate points per area even if areas belong to the same class and share the same cat value.
r.random does not have a restrict option.

So I ended up writing a small script that basically loops over the classes and extracts n points/pixels per class from a input raster map. My question now is did I overlook some less obvious feature of v.random or r.random?
If not I might create a small wrapper addon...

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