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Sat Aug 31 06:54:01 PDT 2019

#3895: g.gui.animation deprecation messages
 Reporter:  veroandreo       |      Owner:  grass-dev@…
     Type:  defect           |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal           |  Milestone:  7.8.0
Component:  wxGUI            |    Version:  git-releasebranch78
 Keywords:  g.gui.animation  |        CPU:  Unspecified
 Platform:  Unspecified      |
 When calling G7:g.gui.animation from terminal and creating the animation,
 I get the following message:

 gnu/gui/wxpython/animation/provider.py:523: wxPyDeprecationWarning: Call
 to deprecated item BitmapFromImage. Use :class:`wx.Bitmap` instead

 and when clicking over `Export animation`, I get something similar:

 gnu/gui/wxpython/animation/dialogs.py:1088: wxPyDeprecationWarning: Call
 to deprecated item EmptyImage. Use :class:`Image` instead.
   filetype, ltype = GetImageHandlers(wx.EmptyImage(10, 10))

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