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#3967: Add batch job example without path
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Comment (by wenzeslaus):

 Replying to [comment jidanni]:
 > ...user may think he is actually able to "test in a pristine vanilla
 environment" ...
 > All this is getting too complex for me.

 You are actually right. The documentation assumes that you start with
 `--exec` etc. after you have some knowledge of GRASS GIS already. That's
 wrong assumption and unnecessary requirement. I can see now that it is
 actually misleading.

 I don't have a clear plan now for improving it, so any suggestions or PRs
 are as always welcome.

 > Maybe document a way to use a /dev/null mapset so the user can run some
 e.g., g.gisenv or whatever queries if he wants, without worrying that they
 access or store to any particular mapset.

 There is `--tmp-location` (created in a temporary database/directory)
 which allows you to run commands without creating any location (and thus
 mapset) permanently (again the documentation assumes you know why it is it
 useful). One use of specifically `--tmp-location XY` is running modules
 such as g.manual or g.extension which don't work with any data. General
 use is running scripts and using GRASS GIS as a processing backend.

 A temporary mapset (`--tmp-mapset`) would make sense too for same cases
 (see [wiki:GSoC/2019#Neweasy-to-useCLIandAPIforGRASSGIS GSoC 2019 New Easy
 CLI Idea] for the suggestion).

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