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As a heads up:

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Subject: 	[OSGeo-Discuss] Improving usability of INSPIRE data in FOSS4G 
client applications
Date: 	Thu, 12 Dec 2019 17:09:13 +0100
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Dear all,
at the European Commission - Joint Research Centre (JRC) we have been 
working with our Contractors (WeTransform and Epsilon Italia) on a set 
of actions aimed at improving the usability of INSPIRE data sets. For 
those who are not familiar with INSPIRE [1], this is the European 
Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) built on top EU Member States 
infrastructures to support European environmental policies.

The rationale behind these actions is that GML is the default encoding 
for INSPIRE data because INSPIRE xml schemas are generated automatically 
from the conceptual UML models. These schemas are complex and many 
existing (web, desktop and mobile) client applications are not able to 
fully consume or make use of data shared according to these schemas.

Two actions have been completed over the last year in order to:
1) improve client support for INSPIRE data
2) develop an alternative encoding for INSPIRE data (GeoJSON)

Within the first Action [2], we compiled a "can I use" matrix [3] 
describing which functionality associated with the consumption of 
INSPIRE data (both in GML and GeoJSON) is supported by which client. The 
clients tested are QGIS, GRASS GIS, hale studio, OpenLayers and 
LeafletJS as well as some proprietary solutions.

This e-mail is first of all to inform you about this Action and to show 
that, as you can notice in [3], open source solutions are currently the 
most successful ones, but some improvement is still possible. In this 
regard, we have established communication with the software PSC and/or 
communities and discussed the prioritisation of functionalities that 
should be improved or developed for each software to best satisfy user 

Whenever other encodings (e.g. GeoPackage) for INSPIRE data will become 
available, the same approach should be followed.

In addition, since the Action is formally completed but the outcomes 
will still be very important for the INSPIRE community in the future, we 
are currently exploring how to ensure the sustainability of the tool. In 
particular, we would open an invitation to anyone (project developers, 
users or communities, or simply interested people) to contribute to keep 
the matrix up-to-date by testing new/future versions of specific OSGeo 
tools (in particular those mentioned above - QGIS, GRASS GIS, OpenLayers 
and LeafletJS - but also other tools). The tests, described at [4], 
consist of general GIS tasks and do not require INSPIRE-specific 
knowledge. Interested people can also submit content through issues or 
pull requests in the GitHub repository [5] or contact us.

Thank you all for your attention.
Best regards,
Alex and Marco

[1] https://inspire.ec.europa.eu
[3] https://inspire-mif.github.io/caniuse/generator/out.html
[4] https://github.com/INSPIRE-MIF/caniuse/tree/master/docs
[5] https://github.com/INSPIRE-MIF/caniuse
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