[GRASS-dev] [GRASS GIS] #3992: v.import man page should say what -f's ro, rw, and rw+ are

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#3992: v.import man page should say what -f's ro, rw, and rw+ are
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Comment (by neteler):

 For reference, the output is

 v.import -f
 Supported formats:
  PCIDSK (rw+): PCIDSK Database File
  netCDF (rw+): Network Common Data Format
  JP2OpenJPEG (rw): JPEG-2000 driver based on OpenJPEG library
  JPEG2000 (rw): JPEG-2000 part 1 (ISO/IEC 15444-1), based on Jasper
  PDF (rw+): Geospatial PDF

 The `ro`, `rw`, and `rw+` may come from GDAL/OGR. Since v.import is a
 wrapper around v.in.ogr, the related source code is this (main.c):

             if (GDALGetMetadataItem(hDriver, GDAL_DCAP_CREATE, NULL))
                 pszRWFlag = "rw+";
             else if (GDALGetMetadataItem(hDriver, GDAL_DCAP_CREATECOPY,
                 pszRWFlag = "rw";
                 pszRWFlag = "ro";

 In GDAL itself I cannot find `pszRWFlag`, so no idea what it does and if
 it is still relevant...

 One reference seems to be this:

 I agree that the meaning of `ro`, `rw`, and `rw+` should be explained in
 the manual pages of r/v.import and r.in.gdal/v.in.ogr.

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