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#3963: Document turning off progress messages on batch jobs
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 On https://grass.osgeo.org/grass79/manuals/grass7.html , regarding running
 batch jobs, it needs to be mentioned
 how to suppress these six verbose lines,
 $ grass --exec true 2>&1 | nl
      1  Starting GRASS GIS...
      2  Cleaning up temporary files...
      3  Executing <true> ...
      4  Execution of <true> finished.
      5  Cleaning up default sqlite database ...
      6  Cleaning up temporary files...

 in order to have a clean running batch job, (e.g., one that could be
 run by cron without sending the user an email message due to errors.)

 Alas, the grass man page does not list a --quiet option.

 Sure, the man page could simply say to use 2>&- or 2>/dev/null,
 but that would also wipe out real error messages.

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