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Mon Nov 18 01:08:43 PST 2019

#3977: Offer canonical non changing links to always current documentation
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 Let's say we were reading

 Well wouldn't it be great if within it there was a link to

 Such a link could have many uses:
 Let's say we were composing a email offline, and wanted to refer to that
 page, but didn't want to go online just yet to check the URL.

 Or let's say we were composing a bug report offline, and wanted to make
 sure it was useful when later posted online.

 In fact, instead of
 how about just
 and hyperlink it as
 "Permalink to this [d.erase, etc.] man page".

 Yes, grass.osgeo.org needs to offer permalinks to these documentation
 items. OK, call them canonical links or something.

 You see users are tearing their hair out wanting to simply tell their
 friends about a certain man page, without having to worry that it will
 gradually get stale, and finally disappear.

 Sure, if they really want to link to a certain version of a man page,
 for use in a court of law, then they can still use the current numbered

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