[GRASS-dev] load_env() issues in startup

Huidae Cho grass4u at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 17:59:43 PDT 2019


Currently, .grass7/bashrc is partially broken. This file is read by two
functions in the startup script: load_env() and *_startup() (
https://trac.osgeo.org/grass/ticket/3462). Commenting out export lines in
.grass7/bashrc doesn't work because load_env() splits each line twice (once
by space and once more by equal) to create environment variables without
ignoring commented lines. It doesn't matter whether a line is alias or
export, or whatever as long as it contains one space and one equal sign.
Also, load_env() doesn't expand environment variables in each line. For
example, the following two lines:

alias vi='vim'
#export PATH="$PATH:grass/scripts"
export GDAL_DRIVER_PATH="$HOME/gdalplugins"

would create three environment variables:

PATH="...grass paths...:\$PATH:grass/scripts"

The first variable is not meant to be created at all, PATH shouldn't be
modified because it's commented out, and GDAL_DRIVER_PATH is not usable
because $HOME is not expanded.

Now, my question is why do we need a separate function load_env() to
"manually" create environment variables instead of just writing out all
these lines into .bashrc in the mapset and letting bash handling
everything? Is it by design or a bug?

Huidae Cho, Ph.D., GISP, PE (MD), CFM, M.ASCE
Open Source GIS Developer, GRASS GIS Development Team
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