[GRASS-dev] grass76 addons are taken from trac, but updates to addons happen on github

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Thu Oct 31 03:01:57 PDT 2019


After some intense doubts about my sanity, I noticed that I fell into a 
simple trap: I had fixed a bug in the i.segment.uspo addon quite a while 
ago, but the same bug kept on popping up, even though I have reinstalled 
the addon.

Finally, I remembered that on the university's HPC it is still version 
7.6.0 that is running, and that version gets its addons still from trac.

I would assume that there are still quite a lot of GRASS 7.6.0 
installations out there (it was released less than a year ago). Would it 
somehow be envisageable to automatically update the svn addon repository 
on trac with the updates in github ? I have no idea what this would mean 
in terms of work, but if it is a simple thing to do, it might be good to 
have in the transition period before we can assume that no 7.6.0 
installations are out there.


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