[GRASS-dev] How to install grass development package

ming han dustming at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 19:55:35 PDT 2020

Hi everyone

   Is GRASS76 in the QGIS compiled with python2?  Because I got a new error
which complains that "NameError:name 'file' is not defined". While the file
is used in python2.

[image: image.png]


ming han <dustming at gmail.com> 于2020年9月3日周四 下午2:34写道:

> Hi everyone
>    Hope this email finds you well.
>     I installed a QGIS that includes GRASS from here [
> https://www.kyngchaos.com/software/qgis/]. The GRASS does not contain a
> g.extension to install grass addon. When I copy a g.extension from other
> grass installation. It complains "Please install GRASS development
> package".
>     So my questions are:
>     1) How to install GRASS addon without g.extension on MacOS
>      2) How to install GRASS development packages on MacOS.
> Many thanks for your help
> Looking forward to hearing from you soon
> Best regards
> Ming
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