[GRASS-dev] Make terminal window optional?

Stefan Blumentrath Stefan.Blumentrath at nina.no
Thu Sep 10 23:57:12 PDT 2020


Not strictly limited to the details in this discussion, but somewhat related:

Having the terminal as an “opt in” sounds reasonable to me, esp. with the new UI/startup design. Experienced users can always start terminal deliberately. And if user prefrences can still get picked up from the .grassrc file that would be nice. So, even if I work a lot like Vero does during teaching, I am positive to this change. And Option 2 sounds fine.

Between the lines I somehow read the idea to make the GUI a bit more RStudio / Spyder like. That sounds very interesting to me as it could actually simplify the GUI layout a bit. We have a Console in the GUI (with limited functionality) and a Python tab. I understand that this would be a bigger issue and involve significantly more work. Maybe a GSoC project for 2021?


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> Dear all,

Hi Vaclav,

> 2. Remove the terminal from desktop launchers so that GRASS GIS starts without the terminal when started in the GUI way. When a user starts GRASS GIS using a command from an existing terminal, there is no change from the current behavior: a (sub-)shell is started and possibly GUI launches.

this is fine for me

> Best,
> Vaclav


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