[GRASS-dev] grass-session integration into core

Stefan Blumentrath Stefan.Blumentrath at nina.no
Wed Jun 9 00:27:48 PDT 2021


Appreciate the discussion!

I also agree with Vasek here.

GRASS session is very useful, esp. in standalone python scripts or when using GRASS in Jupyter notebooks, or maybe in QGIS Processing for that matter....
However, since grass-sessions is an external Python module it has had issues due to version changes before.

So, a big +1 from my side to include it in core, knowing that my ability to contribute here with coding is very limited...

Being able to just do

import grass

would be nice indeed, but I am not sure if it is feasible to throw an informative error message if users try to use GRASS functions without a running session...

That said, what would the gain of a pip package be? If you install GRASS you would have the functionality. If you did not install GRASS you could not use a pip package with grass-session like functionality anyway, no?


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Hi devs,
Vaclav Petras <notifications at github.com<mailto:notifications at github.com>> schrieb am Mi., 9. Juni 2021, 05:22:

...anyway, I think the ultimate fix is to build usable images from GRASS source code without a 3rd party library which is not an official dependency. Either GRASS needs grass-session to work and then it should be part of the source code or GRASS should be fixed to work without it.

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Following this comment I'd like to open the discussion: also in my view we need to make grass-session part of core. And that in a way that it can be split out easily as a pip package or whatever appropriate.

Opinions are welcome!


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