[GRASS-dev] [release planning] GRASS GIS 7.8.6

Stefan Blumentrath Stefan.Blumentrath at nina.no
Thu Jun 24 01:12:19 PDT 2021


As for the changes in g.extension, I think they are necessary as e.g. here:
"grass7" is hardcoded in the URL.

A solution would be to first check if the "source_url" with "grass7"
(https://github.com/OSGeo/grass-addons/tree/master/grass7/) exists and otherwise assign the new URL without "grass7".

As Vasek points out, first a decision has to be made about the final URL (or branch) in

is a draft PR for a possible approach to this. It may have to be backported to 7.6 or even 7.4?
g.extension in G7.8 already supports branches, so if there will be a branch for different versions, that should be easy to adjust in g.extension.

We should probably wait a bit with restructuring the addon repo until a modified version of g.extension has been packaged for the most essential OS/distros at least...
See: https://repology.org/project/grass/versions

g.extension in G8 can then be streamlined to the new repo structure...


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Important question: with the planned Addon repo structure affect
g.extension of G7?

If we want to make backports from v8 to v7 addons easier, then we need to create another branch for v7 (besides the one for v8) and restructure v7 as we did v6 and will restructure the v8 branch.

The master branch would stay as a read-only legacy in this scenario. The alternative is leaving the master branch for v7.

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