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Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 11:47:21 PST 2022


út 11. 1. 2022 v 19:39 odesílatel Newcomb, Doug via grass-dev <
grass-dev at lists.osgeo.org> napsal:

> There may be some work to be done on the Windows standalone installer yet.
> What is at https://wingrass.fsv.cvut.cz/grass80/x86_64/ does not seem to
> represent the latest work

are you referring to the main branch (grass81 - btw the version seems to be
wrong [1])? Note that grass80 is built from releasebranch_8_0. I can set up
grass81 builds from the main branch when the version is fixed in the main
branch [2].


[1] https://github.com/OSGeo/grass/blob/main/include/VERSION
[2] https://github.com/OSGeo/grass/pull/2080

Martin Landa
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