[GRASS-dev] grass.jupyter Mini Project: Week 2 Recap

Caitlin Haedrich caitlin.haedrich at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 12:27:49 PST 2022

Hello grass-dev and grass-users,

Here's a quick update of what I worked on last week for my Mini Project on
improving grass.jupyter. Per usual, you can find more details about the
project and a copy of this report at [1].

1) What did I accomplish this week?
I started on visualization functions for space time datasets (strds and
stvds). I created a `grass.jupyter` class called `TimeSeries` that will
eventually have two methods: `TimeSlider()` for creating an interactive
time slider where users can scroll through the rendered maps and
`animate()` for creating animations of the space time datasets. I have a
draft version of the `TimeSlider` working - currently, users have to switch
through the maps with a drop down menu instead of a slider (or scroll with
arrow keys) . You can test it out on Binder at [2] and view the PR at [3].

2) What do I plan to do next week?

   - Switch from a dropdown menu to a SelectionSlider for the TimeSlider
   - Create more robust ways to add background and overlay layers to the
   - Start the TimeSeries.animate() function for animating space time

3) Am I blocked on anything?

   - No, I'm not currently blocked on anything.

Feedback, thoughts and comments welcome!

Have a great week,

[3] https://github.com/OSGeo/grass/pull/2010
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