Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Sat Oct 28 09:24:55 EDT 2006

Dylan Beaudette wrote:

>>> @GRASS-PSC: should I create a dedicated mailing list to get communication
>>> archived?
> +1 on Michael's comments. Having the custom subject line will help people to 
> keep messages filed locally, and an alternate archive will increase 
> accessibility.

The idea is interesting. I only wonder if this is a robust approach -
we will occasionaly forget to add the custom subject element (eg.
"PSC"). But the discussion will start anyway, making it to late to
re-send another message with a corrected subject. And such GRASS PSC
threads will be impossible to be found and copied into the dedicated
GRASS PSC archive only by their subject.

How about a dedicated PSC mailing list - automatically forwared to
grass-dev? Then we have both a dedicated archive, only with PSC related
threads, and the discussion is still open for other GRASS folks.


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