Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 30 01:18:36 EST 2006

Two points

1) voting times: I think it needs a set deadline, otherwise things
linger on forever or there could be bad feelings that something got
pushed through by a couple of people quickly. I'd guess something like
4-6 working days, but it could be cut shorter as soon as there is 51% of
possible votes in favour/opposed.

2) where to put RFC. I think in CVS grass6/ source tree is a little odd
place for it. Regardless of its final home, should we modify release
rules to strip it out of the final .tar.gz? 

I don't mind it in CVS, and having it in grass6/ HEAD means it is easy
to see updates. But it could just as well go in the web/ section or a
new project/ section in the CVS. As for putting it in the Wiki, I'm a
little concerned with a) write permissions for project bylaws open to
anyone in the world who creates an account, + danger of name-spoofing 
(I'm not too worried, but why create the opportunity for abuse?)
b) I find it much harder to track change-history in the wiki vs. viewing
it with WebCVS,  c) in the wiki it is harder to know when a change has
been made (I never really got "watch lists" to work well).

so based on that I'd say leave it in the more formal CVS, but remove it
from release tarballs.

vote on changes to them wherever the psc votes will happen.


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