[GRASS-PSC] GRASS CVS to SVN migration: your agreement to 'GRASS RFC 2: Legal aspects of code contributions' needed

Markus Neteler neteler at fbk.eu
Wed Dec 5 19:22:58 EST 2007

Dear developers,

as part of the OSGeo incubation we need to formally establish a code of 
conduct for committers so that you are clear on what are legitimate
contributions and what are not within the GRASS project. We (the GRASS
Project Steering Committee) want to ensure that you are familiar with
the guidelines:

 GRASS RFC 2: Legal aspects of code contributions
 Status: Adopted

This transition to SVN is a good opportunity to get this specific
feedback from each committer indicating that s/he agreed to the
guidelines. It is already a requirement since the GRASS-PSC
exists but was not yet applied to long-term committers.

Note: A confirmation email is fine stating that you agree to
  'GRASS RFC 2: Legal aspects of code contributions'.

Best regards,
Markus Neteler

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