R: [GRASS-PSC] Request: CVS Write Access to Serena Pallecchi

serena pallecch at cli.di.unipi.it
Tue Jan 2 09:28:57 EST 2007

hi all!
I have read the documents and I accept them.

as soon as possible I'll fix 3 bugs that I've found.


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Da: Markus Neteler [mailto:neteler.osgeo at gmail.com]
Inviato: martedì 12 dicembre 2006 23.35
Cc: Serena Pallecchi
Oggetto: Re: [GRASS-PSC] Request: CVS Write Access to Serena Pallecchi

Dear PSC,

since the announced time for sending your vote is expired, I
hereby announce the result:

 * Brad +1
 * Dylan +1
 * Hamish +1
 * Helena +1
 * Maciej +1
 * Markus: +1
 * Massimiliano NA
 * Michael +1
 * Paul NA
 * Scott: +1

The motion to grant CVS write access to Serena passed.
Welcome, Serena! It took a bit long, we apologize for that.

We now have to ask you to read and accept our new document
"Legal aspects of code contributions"
(a nice URL will come soon) and
In particular the "code submission guidelines" are important which
you should be already familiar with.

Once you confirm via email, please follow the GRASS-CVS-ssh instructions
to get the write access enabled.

Looking forward further fixes and contributions to the r.li suite!


PS: raster/r.li/r.li.richness/richness.c has many spurious '\r's I
have fixed for you :-)

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