[GRASS-PSC] Re: [OSGeo-Discuss] Should old Project Steering Committee members be put out to pasture?

Markus Neteler neteler.osgeo at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 10:53:01 EDT 2007


this discussion could become relevant also for us...


On 7/17/07, Daniel Morissette <dmorissette at mapgears.com> wrote:
> Cameron Shorter wrote:
> >
> > Should the developer step down from the Project Steering Committee?
> > Should the developer be offered a new title - "Project's Honoured
> > Grandfather" or similar?
> >
> > What do other OSGeo projects do with their old guard?
> >
> FYI here is what MapServer's PSC Guidelines says about PSC members who
> stop being active:
> ---------------------------
> Stepping Down
> If for any reason a PSC member is not able to fully participate then
> they certainly are free to step down. If a member is not active (e.g. no
> voting, no IRC or email participation) for a period of two months then
> the committee reserves the right to seek nominations to fill that position.
> Should that person become active again (hey, it happens) then they would
> certainly be welcome, but would require a nomination.
> ---------------------------
> Note that we've had PSC members go quiet for a little while but have
> never had to force replacing anyone yet. I think we'd use that rule only
> in extreme situations where the non-participating members become a
> problem for the PSC's normal operations.
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