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On 24.07.2007 23:35, Markus Neteler wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 24, 2007 at 12:53:46PM -0700, Brad Douglas wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Does anyone know the status of the Google Summer of Code projects?  I
>> haven't heard anything since the projects were assigned.

I've been quite busy the last week so I haven't had time to write my
report (as I intended). Glad to hear someone is interested! :)

> according to the GRASS Addons SVN commit list, the two projects
> (v.generalize and v.patch.obstacles) make good progress:
> http://grass.itc.it/pipermail/grass-commit-addons/2007-July/date.html
Also look at these (and look for bundala and maldacker)

> Maybe Wolf (GSoC mentor) can shed some more light on this,

I'd like to stress that I'm very impressed with what the two students
have made. I'm very proud to have been part of these two projects. The
only negative thing I have to say is that unfortunately neither student
has been very active on the mailing list, nor the IRC. Next year I think
I'll change this by having most of the discussions in the GRASS IRC
channel. I've chatted almost daily with both students, about the code
and other, irrelevant, things.

Here is the report of progress of so far:

The Google summer of code has progressed to (and passed) mid-term. What
does this mean? Well in practice it means that now at the latest there
should be some deliverables from the students (and there is). It also
means that I as mentor will have (had) to submit a formal evaluation of
the students in the form of a survey. The students also submit a
corresponding report.

On to the two projects:

v.generalize is fully functional complete with manual and smoothing and
simplification operations. The module works with both areas and lines.
Attribute tables are also copied and cats are preserved. Please give the
module a try and send us feedback!
The rest of SoC will be spent in implementing other generalization
operations and getting all the rest of the bugs out.

This module creates a visibility graph from non-intersecting lines and
boundaries. It is actually remarkably fast. This output vector map can
be used with graph analysis modules like v.net.path to find the shortest
path between point A and B in free vector space. This project is in a
testable shape. Not everything works perfectly yet, but Maximilian is
actively working on it. We could use some feedback so if you are
interested in this functionality, please try it out, and let us know
what you think.
Maximilian also brought up the issue that perhaps this module should be
renamed to v.net.visibility. Any comments?



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