[GRASS-PSC] Proposal to include the ccmath LGPL'd library into GRASS

Paul Kelly paul-grass at stjohnspoint.co.uk
Mon Aug 17 18:12:00 EDT 2009

Hi Soeren,
This is not really a matter for the GRASS PSC. When the PSC approves SVN 
commit access for a developer he/she is then permitted to make changes in 
SVN as he/she sees fit. Technical issues are in general resolved by 
achieving consensus on the developers' mailing list, and the PSC only 
arbitrates as a last resort if consensus cannot be achieved. I think 
in this instance Hamish suggested it might be a PSC matter because of the 
licensing issue - but the simple solution is to re-licence the LGPL code 
as GPL when it goes into GRASS, to keep everything under the same licence 
(but as I said this is IMHO a matter for the developers' list...)

Just to be clear - the GRASS PSC doesn't interfere in technical 
development issues
Hope this is helpful
best regards


On Mon, 17 Aug 2009, Soeren Gebbert wrote:

> Dear PSC,
> i would like to make an proposal to include parts of the ccmath* library
> into grass to replace the following numerical recipes algorithm in grass:
> Located in gmath library:
> 1.) Computation of eigenvalues in eigen_tools.c.
> 2.) Linear equation solver in lu.c
> 3.) Singular value decomposition in svd.c
> The library will be located at grass_src/lib/ccmath.
> I will patch all effected modules in GRASS.
> A new gmath test suite will provide tests for most of the ccmath functions
> which will be available in GRASS.
> The ccmath library is licensed under the LGPL. I will assure that every
> ccmath file includes a LGPL header information and the name of the original
> author.
> I will place a lgpl.txt license file in the ccmath library directory.
> If my proposal will be accepetd, i will commit the changes to the svn
> development
> repositories of grass6.5 and grass7.
> Best regards
> Soeren Gebbert
> *CCMATH is a mathematics library, coded in C, that contains functions for
> linear algebra, numerical integration, geometry and trigonometry, curve
> fitting, roots and optimization, Fourier analysis, simulation generation,
> statistics, special functions, sorts and searches, time series models,
> complex arithmetic, and high precision computations.[1]
> [1] http://freshmeat.net/projects/ccmath/

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