[GRASS-PSC] Re: SVN write access request

Scott W Mitchell Scott_Mitchell at carleton.ca
Fri Sep 4 07:26:20 EDT 2009

GRASS-PSC, sorry to put this (hopefully) in your inbox, but in that  
last round of voting my two attempts to send in a vote didn't get  
through, and we're trying to diagnose.

(this time it didn't matter, since I was voting in support like  
everyone else and there was no shortage of votes, but another time it  
might matter more)

On 4-Sep-09, at 01:57 , Markus Neteler wrote:


> No , that's not the case because I had to configure Mailman that  
> wrongly
> sent messages are dumped and not sent to me. I have 14 or more lists
> to control and also all spam stuff would be caught like this. Hundreds
> of messages to check every week.... so I rigorously simplified my  
> life :)
> If a sender isn't known, the message is silently dropped. Anything  
> else
> was not manageable.
> BUT! Read on...

OK, that makes more sense!

> ... I have changed grass-psc temporarily back to "Hold". Please try  
> again
> and it will be trapped for inspection.
> I can enable more, costs me nothing.
> But note that you right now send from
> <scott.mitchell at glel.carleton.ca>
> which is again different...
> Just tell me the list of email addresses you want to have enabled.

> Well, sounds like too much extra work. Let's try to figure out the
> real problem. I suspect now that you wrote from
> <scott.mitchell at glel.carleton.ca>
>                          ^^^^^
> which differs from
> <scott_mitchell at carleton.ca>
> and subsequently it was dropped.

Alright, you're right, it makes sense to get it fixed now, will do so  
with this message.  That last message was addressed just to you, so I  
didn't worry about the fact that the From address wasn't from one of  
the list addresses.

Sending this to the list, then.  It is From Scott_Mitchell at carleton.ca  
and is going through an authenticated SMTP server at the university.


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