[GRASS-PSC] Re: SVN write access request

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Fri Sep 4 09:31:04 EDT 2009

On Fri, Sep 4, 2009 at 1:26 PM, Scott W
Mitchell<Scott_Mitchell at carleton.ca> wrote:
> GRASS-PSC, sorry to put this (hopefully) in your inbox, but in that last

(yes, arrived)

> round of voting my two attempts to send in a vote didn't get through, and
> we're trying to diagnose.
> (this time it didn't matter, since I was voting in support like everyone
> else and there was no shortage of votes, but another time it might matter
> more)

OK, situations like this should be avoided of course.
Suggestion below:

> On 4-Sep-09, at 01:57 , Markus Neteler wrote:
> [...]
>> No , that's not the case because I had to configure Mailman that wrongly
>> sent messages are dumped and not sent to me. I have 14 or more lists
>> to control and also all spam stuff would be caught like this. Hundreds
>> of messages to check every week.... so I rigorously simplified my life :)
>> If a sender isn't known, the message is silently dropped. Anything else
>> was not manageable.
>> BUT! Read on...
> OK, that makes more sense!
>> ... I have changed grass-psc temporarily back to "Hold". Please try again
>> and it will be trapped for inspection.

I have already a bunch of spam in the queue now  collected over the
last few hours :-)

> Alright, you're right, it makes sense to get it fixed now, will do so with
> this message.  That last message was addressed just to you, so I didn't
> worry about the fact that the From address wasn't from one of the list
> addresses.
> Sending this to the list, then.  It is From Scott_Mitchell at carleton.ca and
> is going through an authenticated SMTP server at the university.

This works.

Suggestion 1: if you have addresses you want to post from and which
you don't want to subscribe, I can add them in Mailman to not get them
dropped. But this offer is valid only for this grass-psc list.

Suggestion 2: put me in CC if you are unsure and I'll realize that it didn't
reach the list (I use filters to labels emails so I immediately see that the
grass-psc label is missing; double mails are automatically filtered). But
offer only valid for this grass-psc list of course.


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