[GRASS-PSC] Grass-addons access request

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue May 22 03:16:02 PDT 2012

Hi Eric,

> Is the Addons SVN a good place to keep a work in progress, while it is
> being written during the Google Summer of Code?

sure, it's just the place for it.

>  I could set up an outside repository if need be, but thought having
> it in a place where everyone already finds GRASS code could be easier.
> Markus Metz is my mentor for the project.

having it in our trac system means that when we later merge bits into
the main tree all the change history and comments get preserved, plus
it's a lot easier.

> I have read, and agree to abide by, the PSC2 document.  My OSGeo/trac
> login is: momsen

you're now activated. try making a new directory for yourself in the
grass7/imagery/ area. (or raster/ if you & MarkusM think that's a better
home of course)

I look forward to reading your weekly progress reports.

(OSGeo GSoC co-admin)

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