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hi all,

that email was a hard job... also to test if my brain still works.
Yesterday was nausea day, today spinning head but I start
to eat a bit and walk in the corridor without fainting. So far so good.
The valve is pretty loud due to the big modifications needed in the
aorta bow. I'll ask if this might improve or not. However, it works!

The surgeon is younger that me! And no extra blood needed luckily,
they could catch mine. The warming up of the body from 18°C or so
happens with warm air, very nice. In the intensive care. There I was
awake all time, impressive place. I'm close to 62kg now, will try to
get more in to become stable again.
All the infusions don't give weight... My stomach will decide. I'll
potentially stay here till Wednesday, then Cortina if possible.

So far, so nice. Hope you guys are ok!


PS: feel free to fwd this to roberta, frizz et al., piergio etc. too
difficult on my phone. Time to relax now.

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