[GRASS-PSC] GRASS Community Sprint 2013 - email for possible sponsors

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> Make sure to send the list around, we might be able to add companies.

here it is: http://titanpad.com/i1rzvNEV39
Luca basically found them here: http://www.osgeo.org/search_profile and
selected those that have a web site which is actually working, and a public
email address. Please feel free to expand it.

For what concerns the PayPal, I checked with Luca, and I remembered
correctly: as GFOSS.it we used to have a PayPal, but in a past meeting of
the associates it was deliberated to close the account. The reason was that
it was an additional amount of work for the treasurer, while it basically
wasn't of any benefit, since GFOSS.it receives donations mostly from Italy.
Maybe one option for having a PayPal account for GRASS would be that a
member of the PSC opens an account and take care of it, but in this case
I'm not sure if this would be legally allowed (?).


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