[GRASS-PSC] all my messages failing to get through to GRASS-PSC

Scott Mitchell scott.mitchell at glel.carleton.ca
Sun Apr 3 07:37:45 PDT 2016

Hi, Markus, hopefully this address is still current for you.  The other I have in my address book is the old ITC one.

I have not successfully mailed this list for ages now, which means my votes aren't getting through, I'm not actually it.

I just tried switching my subscription over to this account to fix things, but I tried sending in the code sprint vote again just now and nothing is showing up.

Do you have access to relevant logs on the OSGEO side, or should I contact the sysadmin group to ask for help?

Scott Mitchell
Geomatics Program Supervisor
Department of Geography & Environmental Studies
Co-Director, Geomatics & Landscape Ecology Research Lab

Loeb B359 — 613 520 2600 x2695
Scott.Mitchell at carleton.ca  

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