[GRASS-PSC] [GRASS-user] [GRASS-dev] GRASS-GIS PSC-2016 Nominations

Hamish hamish.bowman at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 22:22:17 PDT 2016

Nikos wrote:
> though the list of candidates should be officially fixed by now, as we
> crossed the 12:OO UTC deadline, an extension for 2 more days
> is given (till Tuesday, 12:00 UTC).  The reason is to give a little more
> time for last decisions.

Hi PSCers,

I feel a bit bad that other responsibilities have taken away the time
and enjoyment I used to spend working on GRASS and helping others on
the mailing lists. It is still my favorite software to work on and I
am frustrated when I have to deal with anything less.

I still care deeply for the future of GRASS but at this point I don't
think it is fair to other active + new devs for me to tie up a
leadership position when I can't keep up with the day to day issues on
the -dev list. I could only offer opinions without current context
which won't be healthy for the project.

If serious issues arrive you are most welcome to call on my emeritus
advice of course, privately or otherwise, as deep in the back of my
brain is still a pretty good remembrance of much legal history and
code context. :o)

I do hope to get back at some point, it's just that I can't promise
when. So until that time I'm happy to drop back to an occasional
developer and bug fixer.


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