[GRASS-PSC] Results of GRASS-GIS' PSC-2016 Election

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Mon Aug 29 08:26:23 PDT 2016

Dear GRASS GIS community,

the new Project Steering Committee is composed by the following nine

1  Markus Neteler    62
2  Helena Mitasova   53
3  Martin Landa      52
4  Anna Petrasova    45
5  Moritz Lennert    41
6  Margherita Di Leo 39
7  Michael Barton    35
8  Peter Löwe        33
9  Vaclav Petras     31


A warm Thank You for their candidacy, and dedication to the project, goes

-  Helmut Kurdnovsky 30
-  Yann Chemin       29
-  Veronica Andreo   28
-  Micha Silver      20

To keep track and for the sake of completeness, all relevant
communications will be published in one wiki-page (in trac).


* The election URL: https://vote.heliosvoting.org/helios/e/GRASS-GIS-PSC-2016 
* Election Fingerprint: es9DDU1oPIxtyV9DE/cl402ctbm5PwaFhmLrruzsAJU

Remember, the entire election process was/is encrypted. The CRO, being
the administrator of this "private" election, could only verify which of
the invited members did vote. That and nothing more.


Helios' voting system features "Audited Ballots". More information at:


*Election tally*

Even more, anyone should be able to verify the election tally at "Helios
Election Verifier":



The trustee for this election was:

Trustee #1: Helios Voting Administrator
Public Key Fingerprint: 0mYM9DB3TVWlbURGBXiMnCb12Vsf4OJoFXBODOPl9os

Trustees are responsible for decrypting the election result. Each
trustee generates a keypair and submits the public portion to Helios.
When it's time to decrypt, each trustee needs to provide their secret

For this election, however, the automcatically selected, by the system,
trustee was selected and no other persons where involved in this

*Broken Links?*

If any of the links do not lead anywhere, please contact the CRO
publicly, in example by responding to this post.

Voters who casted a ballot, will receive another message sent via
Helios' directly.

For more, there is a FAQ: https://vote.heliosvoting.org/faq

Final words

As a CRO, I tried to serve this role as best possible.  Looking back on
the last few weeks, and having various off-list discussions, while at
Bonn last week, I identify and reflect on mistakes and things I could
have done better.

In time, I will try to collect some of the experiences and compose a
wiki-page (in trac).  However, I'd like to stress the following:  I feel
and think that I did not insist as much as I should, to assist in
profiling better the candidates.

There is this important question, asked by Micha Silver end of July (see
"what we should expect from PSC members?"

Some of the candidates went a bit deeper in presenting themselves.
Others were less lengthy in their writing. All good.

However, I propose herewith, for the next PSC election, the following: set as a
requirement, for each candidate, to answer this very question as being
asked from the community: "What should the community expect from your
PSC membership?".

Thank you.

As Nikos, thank you to the previous PSC for accepting me as the CRO this

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