[GRASS-PSC] GRASS PSC elections in 2016

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Thu Jun 2 10:49:04 PDT 2016

On Sun, May 15, 2016 at 4:17 AM, Helena Mitasova <hmitaso at ncsu.edu> wrote:
>> On May 14, 2016, at 11:34 AM, Markus Neteler <neteler at osgeo.org> wrote:
>> - June 2016: elections (here it would be great use the technology of
>> the OSGeo charter member elections)
> there will be new technology used this year - Vasile knows more about it.

I asked him: it is the same as in the last 2 years: Limesurvey.

>>  Here we have the problem to not have a charter membership.
> we can have a system where anybody can nominate a candidate and the contributors with
> svn access (both core and add-ons) vote - can you find out how many we have ?

I have done that (also Martin L could do) by querying the registered

  38 GRASS Core developers
  79 GRASS Addon developers
 117 total

A few names are double, so unique names:
 105 total

Like the QGIS project (AFAIK), we could add the translators:
100 translators

> if we have enough developers with svn access (core and add-on) they could represent “charter members”
> because they are considered trusted members of the community.


> But it would be good to find a way how to include power users who do not have svn access.


The questions are
- how get get in the power users, how to "identify" them?
- and: how to contact all people mentioned above? Those with OSGeo ID
I can lookup in the system, the CSV tables are fine, too. Mass

> This is just my suggestion to keep things simple - we can put this out for dicussion on the
> GRASS dev and users list.

Let's complete this pre-round here, then I am happy to bring it up
there with a concrete proposal we agree upon in this list.


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