[GRASS-PSC] Statement Moritz Lennert

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Thu Jan 14 04:11:21 PST 2021

Dear all,

I thank those who nominated me for putting my name up once again. Most 
of you will have seen me around as I'm one of the old ones, active in 
the GRASS GIS community for over 20 years now.

In the past I've have worked on many different parts of GRASS: 
documentation, the first attempts of a native MS Windows port, a series 
of modules, with, in the last years, a specific focus on remote sensing 
and particularly the entire tool chain for object-based image assessment.

I have been in the GRASS PSC since 2012, and have been active as GSoc 
mentor, "volunteered" as financial / bank manager of the project, 
contributor of presentations at different FOSS4G conferences, 
participated in several sprints, etc Having spent over 20 years in 
academia, I have also taught with GRASS GIS at university for quite a 
long time. I'm also one of the co-founders of the Belgian chapter of the 
OSGeo foundation and co-organiser of the Belgian foss4g.be conferences.

Recently, I have left university, however, and am now employed by a 
private company, https://bluesquarehub.com, that develops technologies 
for the health sector in developing countries. I was hired to develop 
the geospatial data aspect of their work (they do use GRASS GIS in a 
model of health facility accessibility we developed for them when I was 
still at university). As this is still quite new I don't know, yet, how 
much time I will have for actively contributing to GRASS GIS, nor for 
even just following all of the exiting continuous developments and 
discussions on the lists and in github. If elected, my presence will 
probably be more subdued, but I do promise to actively play the role of 
"old wise guy" and upholder of some of the historical traditions and 
values of GRASS GIS development.

At the same time, I would be more than happy to see new faces in the PSC 
and to leave my place to them if the community so desires. I promise 
that I will continue to hang around whatever the results of the 
elections and to manage our bank account and paypal money pool :-).

I'm proud to be part of such a wonderfully friendly and innovative 
community !

All the best,

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