[GRASS-PSC] First meeting of the new PSC

Veronica Andreo veroandreo at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 06:59:56 PST 2021

Hello everybody,

Thanks for voting, I just realized I had not yet done so ;-D Done now!

Seems the best time slot is on Wednesday 3rd at 9 pm CET (
but Helena wouldn't be there.

Since this would be the constitting meeting of the new PSC and we should
vote for the chairperson, I think we should all be present. Hence, shall we
search for a different date, i.e., a new doodle for the other week? Or is
there any chance you could rethink and edit the entries for next week so we
don't delay it much?

Let me know what you think or what would work best for you


El jue, 28 ene 2021 a las 12:20, Chief Return Officer (CRO) - GRASS GIS
election 2020 (<variablestarlight at gmail.com>) escribió:

> On 2021-01-27 21:21, Moritz Lennert wrote:
> > Hi Vero,
> >
> > Thanks for taking the initiative !
> >
> > Here are already some points we might want to discuss:
> >
> > - Debrief of the elections: during the process, several questions arose
> > and we should probably profit of the opportunity to clarify the procedure
> > and rules, ideally putting it into an RFC. @Hernan it would be very
> > helpful
> > if you could briefly summarize your experience and give your opinion
> > on what could be done now to make things even better.
> I am sending an email to the PSC list later today with this.
> /H.
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