[GRASS-stats] rgrass7: readVECT() issue with drivers other than ESRI Shapefile

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Wed Jun 17 03:31:59 PDT 2015


I am trying to get vector data from GRASS GIS 7 into R using rgrass7.
The default driver is SHAPE which is not able to maintain the longer
than 10 chars column names etc. So I tried GeoJSON which would do the
job, yet I get:

> mydata <- readVECT("table_2010_2014", driver="GeoJSON")
Error in .read_vect_non_plugin(vname = vname, layer = layer, type = type,  :
  Requested driver GeoJSON not supported

Where does the error message come from? I guess R?

So, reading ?readVECT I see:
  driver: default ‘"ESRI Shapefile"’; a valid OGR writable driver name
          to define the file format for intermediate files, one of
          ‘c("GML", "SQLite"), c("ESRI_Shapefile", "MapInfo_File")’

Is there any reason that GeoJSON is excluded?

Trying with GML (since I really need to preserve the column names) it fails:

> mydata <- readVECT("table_2010_2014", driver="GML")
Error in paste(gtmpfl1, shname, sep = .Platform$file.sep) :
  object 'shname' not found

Likewise also the SQLite driver fails...

Guess I'm missing something...


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